VMware Storage Management Software

Visual Storage Intelligence® collects your VMware cluster, datastore, and VM data and combines it with data from all your storage devices, giving you comprehensive visibility into your enterprise storage environment.

Through unified, interactive reports, we make it easy to use VMware infrastructure.

Access VMware Reports
capacity planning

VMware Storage Management Software

Through unified, interactive reports, we make it easy to use VMware infrastructure.

Access VMware Data in 3 Clicks or Less

Visual Storage Intelligence correlates your VMware, hybrid cloud and multi-vendor storage data on a single screen, pinpointing inefficiencies, scoring devices, and recommending exact changes for just the right CPU, memory, and disk balance.

The result? Accurate cloud contracts, fewer purchases, less waste & better performance.

Instantly Find Workload Imbalances with Proprietary Capacity Scores

With one glance at any given VM, see how overallocated or overused its resources are with our numeric capacity score and measures of CPU, memory, and disk efficiency. Plus, model workload trends and forecasts for capacity planning.

VM Cost Analysis

See How Much Your Allocations are Saving (or Costing)

Our VM cost metrics correlate workload data with AWS rates to measure money spent (and wasted) by your current allocations.

Rest Easy with Reallocation Recommendations

We make it easy to right-size workloads with exact recommendations for how many CPU, memory, and disk resources to add (or subtract) for optimal efficiency.

VMware Red Light Report

Track Health Alerts

Prevent performance errors, wasted space, and more with alerts including:

  • Clusters unable to support host failure (N-1)
  • Clusters in need of host
  • Clusters with no DRS enabled
  • Clusters with differently sized CPUs

Weekly Analysis & Alerts

Our virtual assistant delivers a full efficiency report to your inbox each week, highlighting:

  • Alerts & Misconfigurations
  • Unbalanced Workloads
  • Over-Allocated & Over-Utilized VMs
  • and More

Reporting & Alerting Index: See 60+ of the Ways Visual Storage Intelligence® Helps Storage & Infrastructure Teams Succeed

Improve cloud ROI

Cloud Costs are Soaring. Here’s How to Improve Your Cloud ROI.

Right-Size Your Cloud Capacity in Just 2 Clicks

VMware Reporting FAQs

Our single-pane-of-glass reporting gives access to crucial VMware visibility in three clicks or less. For IT storage & cloud teams, this can have many impacts including:

  • Cloud migration preparation and optimization
  • Choosing which workloads to migrate based on performance needs & cost
  • Comparing workload costs on-prem vs. in the cloud
  • Finding hidden misconfigurations and preventing outages or performance errors
  • Capacity planning with enhanced accuracy
  • Easily finding and correcting unbalanced clusters and VMs

Moreover, Visual Storage Intelligence® provides extensive reporting, modeling, monitoring, and optimizing for nearly all storage environments including VMware. Learn more here.

We report on VMware capacity, health, utilization, and more – at multiple levels (including, datastore, host, cluster, and VM):

  • Days remaining until capacity is reached
  • Capacity & performance trend reports
  • Capacity & performance forecasting
  • Proprietary capacity scores
  • Unbalanced workloads alerts
  • Balancing recommendations (CPU / memory / disk)
  • Cost comparisons by workload (on-prem cost vs. cloud cost)
  • Money wasted / money saved cost analysis per workload
  • Over-allocation alerts
  • Over-utilization alerts
  • Misconfigurations

Yes! With a standard subscription you have full, 24/7 VMware compute data collection and reporting – including all of our reports, dashboards, and virtual assistant insights. Plus, you can try us out free for 60 days.