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SRMaaS for the modern data center.

Delivered as a Storage Resource Management-as-a-Service (SRMaaS), Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) provides data-driven insights into performance, capacity, utilization and governance challenges. These insights allow you to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Not only does VSI provide reports, it provides a process on how reports can be consumed by storage management stakeholders. Ultimately, enabling you with consumable data for actionable intelligence.

Some of the key benefits our clients have seen using VSI:

  • Eliminate Manual Efforts

  • Forecast Precise Outcomes

  • Improve Performance

  • Avoid Outages

  • Reduce Storage Management Complexity


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Every environment is unique. 

We built Visual Storage Intelligence with our clients in mind; understanding that each environment is unique based on your business needs. We aim to reduce the complexity in managing your unique environment by collecting the data readily available on your existing arrays and  providing a single-pane-of-glass across your multi vendor environment, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional srm tools. Contact us today to learn more.