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VSI Capacity Planning In Action

Storage Capacity Planning

Our capacity planning and performance management capabilities have helped Fortune 500s save millions and reduce reporting time by 50%.

Use Visual Storage Intelligence to monitor growth, predict capacity & performance trends, anticipate potential issues, and align costs with utilization – whether your devices are physical, virtual, or in the cloud.

See VSI’s Capacity Planning in Action!
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Solution Briefing: 5 Ways Visual Storage Intelligence® Helps with Performance Management & Capacity Planning

Ways VSI Helps with Capacity Planning & Performance Management

The capacity management capabilities of Visual Storage Intelligence were exceptional and enabled customers to substantially reduce storage infrastructure costs by accurately pre-planning growth requirements.

— Enterprise Management Associates,
EMA Radar for Storage Intelligence


Capacity Planning Case Studies

Capacity Planning Automation Reduced Our Reporting Time by 50%

“Including the efforts needed to maintain our prior tool’s infrastructure, we saved an entire FTE – plus significant cost savings between the tools.”

Capacity Planner | Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Detailed capacity planning

Detailed Capacity Planning Prevented a $1M Purchase

Most capacity planning is done at the device level. But sometimes there are warning signs hiding under the surface. This company used Visual Storage Intelligence® to look deeper and avoid a major problem.

Fortune 500 Transportation Company

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