Monitor SAN Switches from Brocade and CISCO with Visual Storage Intelligence

Master the Details with SAN Switch Monitoring

Eliminate blind spots with Brocade and CISCO SAN switch monitoring that automates visibility into your switch, host, and device connections.

Rely on error tracking, utilization & performance trending, mapping details, and more for better control of these critical infrastructure elements. Read more below!

Monitor CISCO & Brocade SAN Switches

Visual Storage Intelligence’s SAN Switch Analysis In Action

Automatically Detect Switch Port Errors

Monitor for 10 different errors and health markers.

Track errors over time to identify any new problems.

Drill down by port or device to locate the cause of an issue.

Forecast Port Usage, Track Performance Trends

Keep track of how many used and unused (plus licensed and unlicensed) ports you have.

Predict when you will need to purchase new port licenses.

Review performance trends over time to ensure peak operability.

Map SAN Connections

View zone-host-device connections.

Analyze details about SAN connections at port, host, or device levels.

Investigate host-level issues that may be caused by switch errors.

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SAN switches

Four Overlooked SAN Switch Details Every Storage Architect Should Monitor

SAN Switch Monitoring FAQs

Which SAN switches are compatible with Visual Storage Intelligence®?

Visual Storage Intelligence® collects and reports data from all Brocade and Cisco SAN switches. To see what other devices we are compatible with, visit this page.

Is it difficult to monitor SAN switches without a tool like Visual Storage Intelligence®?

It certainly can be. In enterprise environments, it’s common to work with 10,000-20,000 ports (or more). Besides monitoring them all for errors, it’s important to be able to easily identify what hosts and zones they are mapped to and which ports are unlicensed.

How has Visual Storage Intelligence® helped clients with SAN switches?

Our single-pane-of-glass data displays make it easy for clients to analyze hosts and the ports they are mapped with together. That way, when a host encounters an issue, clients quickly rule out (or identify) a switch-level root cause.

In addition, performance trending and capacity planning help clients monitor usage and ensure they always have enough licensed ports available for their future projects – avoiding last-minute license purchases and budget changes.

Moreover, Visual Storage Intelligence® provides extensive reporting, modeling, monitoring, and optimizing for nearly all storage environments including SAN storage. Learn more here.

What SAN switch reporting does Visual Storage Intelligence® provide?

We report on multiple SAN switch data points, including:

  • Port availability
  • Port speeds
  • Port speed maximums
  • Licensed / unlicensed ports
  • Unused ports
  • Firmware versions
  • Performance trends
  • Utilization trends
  • Utilization forecasting
  • Alerts / offline ports
  • Errors over time
  • Errors by port
  • Zoning
  • Host connections

Is SAN switch reporting included in a standard Visual Storage Intelligence® subscription?

Yes! With a standard subscription you have full, 24/7 data collection and reporting – including all of our SAN switch visibility and insights. Plus, you can try us out free for 30 days.