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Object Storage

Dec 01, 2016

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Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) for Object Storage as a key IT storage solution

With the massive growth of unstructured data, Object storage and Cloud Object Storage has cemented its place into the market as a mainstream IT storage solution. Data requirements of today have driven traditional IT storage solutions into a big data evolution of data storage in the cloud. Big data storage in the cloud is generated by unpredictable, unstructured and exploding data lakes from billions of devices and applications supporting the Internet of Things.

What is Object Storage?

Object storage is the conversion of data into objects and spreading them across a collection of geographically dispersed systems. Object storage therefore integrates protection levels surpassing traditional storage capabilities that exceed business needs. Today you use object storage without knowing it in areas such as:

  • Online Banking – Phone Check deposits
  • Music Streaming – iTunes, Pandora, iHeart
  • Online Video Streaming – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.
  • Social Media – Facebook, snapchat, Pinterest
  • Online Photo – Storing and creating photo projects (invitations, holiday cards, etc.)

Visual Storage Intelligence’s data analytics for object storage aligns IT storage solutions for predictability in an unpredictable marketplace. Arming businesses with knowledge of their data fuels customers with appropriate knowledge to target the appropriate use of data storage in the cloud. With rising IT storage solution costs and ever shrinking IT budgets, object storage bridges the gap allowing businesses to maintain their competitive advantage in the market place.

Storage Capacity Planning

Storage capacity planning for IT storage solutions needs to consider each specific workload at both a capacity and performance perspective.  It is also important for capacity planning to consider which resource is most constrained for each specific workload.  This becomes increasingly more complex as the number of distinct workloads in the enterprise.

Are You Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Storage?

Most customers use spreadsheets for their storage capacity planning process because the tool is flexible and low cost.  The problem with using spreadsheets is that all the steps in the process are manual requiring human intervention and management making the process difficult to repeat and exposed to human error.

Visual storage intelligence provides the same benefits as spreadsheets while automating all of the steps outlined in the process.  Visual Storage intelligence is a data base application which provides a spreadsheet export function so users can customize if needed.  In addition VSI also gets complete automation of the data collection and analysis process needed by the storage capacity planning process.  Once that data is collected, parsed, and stored in the Visual Storage Intelligence relational data base then our imagination is the only limit to the reports, graphs, and analysis provided by VSI.

There are several unique features of Visual Storage Intelligence including:

  • Non-intrusive data collection process
  • Multi-Vendor data collection and data normalization
  • Orphaned storage Analysis
  • Business & Application Analysis & Capacity Planning Support
  • Data storage in the cloud Solution Support
  • Data Usage

How Can Visual Storage Intelligence Help You?

When you position your business with Visual Storage Intelligence you have the tools to make advanced IT decisions and maximize your IT storage solution budget. Clear Technologies can implement their agentless Visual Storage Intelligence analytics to give your business ongoing insight into your current and future architectures and IT storage solutions gearing you for what is coming with the Internet of Things and data storage in the cloud.