Are you guilty of buying things you don’t need? Most of us are.  It’s so easy to overspend. Many of us are guilty of paying for cable channels we don’t watch, a monthly gym membership we never use, or magazine subscriptions we don’t read. Avoiding waste should always be a priority, but, in this time of budgetary caution, it’s even more important to only spend the money you actually need to spend. It turns out it might be easier than you think to avoid some of these unnecessary expenses. If you are looking to avoid paying too much for Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools, VSI is what you’ve been looking for. VSI helps IT leaders stop overspending and start optimizing their resources and driving business-transforming decisions.

You Need to Understand Your Data

What’s the point of collecting data if it doesn’t give you the insights you need? Imagine you have a baseball player with a .300 batting average. You would want to place that player in a prime position in your lineup, and you might depend on that player in key moments, for example, in the final innings of a must-win playoff game.

Now imagine if you had deeper data on that player, data that told you he only hits .100 on a right-handed pitcher. In that same key moment, you might realize you need to switch him out and put in a pinch hitter who hits better against a right-handed pitcher. However, the only way to make that call is by having that deeper understanding of your data. That’s what VSI delivers.

EMC SRM doesn’t dive into the details like VSI. VSI provides IT leaders with cohesive, reliable data delivered in a single-pane view. This allows IT leaders to forecast more precise outcomes, uncover opportunities for operational efficiencies, and uncover amazing cost savings.

Waste That Comes With EMC SRM

Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools, such as EMC, are inundated with waste, starting with needing a full-time employee just to manage and monitor the tools. In addition, they also:

  • are expensive to purchase
  • take a long time to deploy
  • are overly complex
  • do a lot of things you don’t need

Plus, even after overspending on EMC SRM, it still won’t give you a single-pane view across the enterprise like VSI will, and your employees will still have to spend time building reports with the data that they generate. EMC will also push purchasing their infrastructure products, probably before you really need them. On the other hand, VSI will always give you a fair view across your multi-vendor storage environment.

A Superior Solution

VSI brings IT leaders an agnostic storage management solution that can deliver essential insights needed in minutes rather than days. That means no need to burden your team with learning new systems or protocols. With VSI, you’ll even get an alert, an email, if something is wrong or needs your attention right away, so you’ll never have to get to the point where you risk having an outage.

VSI provides IT leaders with a more flexible, more agile, and more customer-friendly solution. A seasoned VSI data consultant will help you stay aware of opportunities and risks with weekly reports. IT leaders can think of VSI as someone watching out for them, going beyond just simplifying your storage management into a unified, visual analysis but also helping you interpret your data. And if there is some functionality you need to be added to the tool, VSI will work with you to get it added.

As IT budgets shrink or remain flat, IT leaders are struggling to maximize resources as data growth continues. Storage maintenance never sleeps, and in order to keep businesses up and running, IT leaders are being pushed into faster and faster decision-making. Make sure your infrastructure plan is ready for the challenge.

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Save Money With VSI

Everyone, yes, that means 100% of VSI customers have saved money. So, how easy is it to transition to VSI?

  • There is no agent
  • Nothing is on-prem
  • VSI is an agnostic tool
  • Nothing has to be set up in your environment

Not only will you save money, but you could also be up and running in no time. In fact, you will start seeing data in 24 hours. Don’t wait to start gaining insights through a better, more complete view of your multi-vendor storage environment.

At VSI, we know the challenges facing IT leaders. That’s why we help uncover amazing cost savings by providing superior visibility into data management systems across the enterprise. Working together, we can help IT leaders build efficiency, cost savings, and scalability into the IT infrastructure, providing IT excellence to their organizations. Schedule a demo to talk to a VSI data expert.

Key Takeaways

  • In this time of budgetary caution, it’s even more important to only spend money you actually need to spend.
  • Everyone who has used VSI has saved money.
  • VSI brings IT leaders an agnostic data management solution that can deliver essential insights needed in minutes rather than days.
  • Many Storage Resource Management tools, such as EMC SRM, are inundated with waste.
  • VSI is a more flexible, more agile, and more customer-friendly solution.
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