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Is There an Affordable Storage Resource Management Alternative?

Feb 28, 2022

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “you have to pay to play” a few times in your life.

It’s true that effective storage resource management (SRM) comes with some costs, but how do you know if you’re paying too much?

In this time of budgetary caution, it’s even more important to only spend on resources you truly need. Each of your storage manufacturers may have their own SRM tools, but that does not mean you need to buy them to have success.

There are affordable storage resource management alternatives. At the end of the day, what you need most is access to all of your storage, compute, and cloud data in a transparent and unified way. While SRM tools silo your data and waste resources, a better solution (like Visual Storage Intelligence) will unify your data while cutting your SRM costs.

Don’t Pay for More Than You Need

When you see an exorbitant sports car out on the road, it’s hard not to notice. These exotic machines are on the cutting edge of speed and style and, let’s be honest, they’re lots of fun.

But if you’re just in the market for a car to commute to and from work, you would never consider a pricy sports car. Sure, a vehicle with speeds of 200 mph and diamond-studded speakers will get you where you need to go, but at a much higher cost and with features you don’t need.

Don’t get distracted by sleek marketing. The most important thing IT teams need to manage their infrastructure is data visibility. If an SRM tool can provide this for your entire storage environment, great! But if it can’t – if it only shows you a piece of the puzzle – then it’s not helping. Their other features don’t matter nearly as much.

Unlike EMC SRM, NetApp OCI, and other vendor-specific tools, Visual Storage Intelligence delivers detailed data about all of your devices on a single pane of glass. No matter how many storage vendors you use, Visual Storage Intelligence gives you the data you need all in one place and priced per petabyte.

After all, you should only pay for what you need.

Waste that Comes with Storage Resource Management Tools

SRM tools are inundated with waste, starting with needing a full-time employee just to manage and monitor the tools. In addition, they also:

  • Are expensive to purchase
  • Take a long time to deploy
  • Are overly complex
  • Tailor the data they show to cover their products’ weaknesses
  • Do not always build reports with the data they generate

Since vendor-specific SRMs are tied to their respective vendors’ products, they also promote purchasing their other products (usually before you even need them).

On the other hand, a vender-neutral tool like Visual Storage Intelligence gives a fairer view of your environment.

A Superior Solution

Visual Storage Intelligence is a more flexible, more agile, and more customer-friendly solution, simplifying your storage management into a unified visual analysis and helping you interpret your data.

With no need to burden your team with new systems or protocols to learn, VSI delivers essential insights in minutes instead of days. VSI even provides health monitoring and alerts so you can prevent or respond to anything adverse in your infrastructure. We’re much more than an affordable storage resource management tool.

Save Money with VSI

Everyone who has used VSI has saved money. That’s 100% of VSI customers who are seeing cost savings.

How easy is it to transition to Visual Storage Intelligence?

  • VSI is agentless
  • VSI is not set up on-prem
  • VSI supports over 80 devices from more than 13 different vendors

You can be up and running with a free trial in no time. In fact, you will start seeing data within 24 hours.

We know the challenges facing IT leaders. That’s why we help uncover amazing cost savings by providing superior visibility into data management systems across the enterprise. Working together, we can help you build efficiency, cost savings, and scalability into your infrastructure so you can provide IT excellence to your organization.

Talk to a VSI expert today. Whether you’re interested in a demo or just want a new perspective on a storage challenge you face, we’re here to help.