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Extend the Life of Your Storage Environment Risk-Free

Mar 11, 2021

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You’re probably familiar with the phrase, ‘if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.’ Otherwise known as leave well enough alone or don’t tamper with something that’s functioning adequately. The problem is when well enough isn’t well enough anymore.

There is a reason storage hardware refresh cycles are often characterized as a major and daunting task. Planning a storage hardware refresh can not only be incredibly challenging but also incredibly expensive. Yet, it’s not unusual for companies to follow a three to five year hardware refresh cycle.

There are opportunities to maximize your hardware investment and extend the life of your storage environment, but you must have access to the right data. In order to mitigate risks and vulnerability from reactionary decisions, IT leaders need access to data transparency across the enterprise infrastructure. VSI arms IT Leaders with efficient tools so they can plan ahead, track growth trends, and negotiate new storage purchases while avoiding any unnecessary, reactive purchases.

Take Control of Your Storage Environment

According to a survey from Uptime Institute, from 2015 to 2020, refresh cycles have lengthened from three years to five years. As hardware improves, there are diminishing returns for more frequent storage environment refreshes. Instead, extending the life of the platform becomes a much bigger bang for the buck.

The key to successfully extending the life of your storage environment lies in data transparency, in having a unified, visual analysis across your multi-vendor storage environment. It’s essential for reliable insights into performance, capacity, utilization, and governance challenges. VSI provides IT leaders with the critical insights required for efficient and smart infrastructure planning.

IT leaders know that their data maintenance never sleeps. In the face of unprecedented challenges, IT leaders are being pushed into faster and faster decision-making in order to keep businesses up and running. Is your infrastructure plan ready for the challenge?

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Storage Insights Essential for Strategic Planning

Don’t get pressured into buying new storage before it’s actually needed. Hardware vendors continue to advocate for more frequent storage refresh cycles, typically every three to five years. While your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) may recommend you perform a hardware refresh for a number of reasons, as your storage equipment reaches its EOL (end-of-life) and EOSL (end-of-service-life), you may feel additional pressure to buy new.

However, these milestones generally only indicate a date on which your OEM will no longer offer support or maintenance for your hardware. These dates shouldn’t automatically dictate a need to make a costly upgrade. Rather than just blindly upgrading your storage hardware, you can extend the life of your storage environment, dramatically cutting costs.

Maximize your current investment by optimizing your storage environment. At VSI, we believe that IT leaders should be armed with efficient tools that enable the storage transparency and reliable insights required to make strategic IT decisions. With these tools, you can:

  • Plan ahead
  • Forecast precise outcomes
  • Improve budgeting accuracy
  • Track your growth trends
  • Avoid unnecessary, reactive purchases

Optimize Your Current Storage Environment

Are there some parts of your storage environment that are performing nearly at capacity? Most companies don’t optimize their storage and then find themselves bumping up against limitations quicker than they should. VSI can help identify workloads that could be moved around to reduce capacity on specific arrays. VSI can also help you identify non-critical data that could be relocated.  

Delivering superior data confidence in minutes rather than days, helps IT leaders see potential challenges with any current storage configurations as well as monitor for any excessive spikes and stay aware of any potential single point of failure. All of this is done without burdening teams with learning new systems or protocols. When you partner with VSI, a seasoned storage consultant will be monitoring and analyzing your environment from day one, sending you a weekly email to help you stay aware of any potential risks and opportunities.

IT leaders must stay aware of risks to their storage environment, but all too often, they are asked to make strategic infrastructure decisions without easy access to critical and reliable data. At VSI, we believe IT leaders should be armed with reliable tools that enable storage transparency and data confidence.

VSI simplifies your storage management process into a cohesive single pane view across your multi-vendor storage environment. These insights allow you to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Schedule a demo to talk to a VSI data expert.

Key Takeaways

  • Maximize your current investment by optimizing your storage environment with VSI.
  • Planning a storage hardware refresh can be incredibly challenging and also incredibly expensive.
  • As hardware improves, there are diminishing returns for more frequent storage environment refreshes.
  • Extending the life of your storage environment is a bigger opportunity for cost-saving.
  • VSI brings IT leaders storage transparency that can deliver essential insights needed in minutes rather than days.
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