IT Team Replaces Manual Efforts with Automated Observability

Automated Reporting Leads to Better Data & Decisions | Major Food Producer

“This is the perfect tool for our environment: It has required no implementation time or effort, and we get the reports we need whenever we need them.”

– VP of IT Infrastructure,
Major Food Producer

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The Problem:

Manual Reporting Creates Errors and Hides Tiering and SAN / NAS Data

One of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies needed a solution to quickly analyze and display their SAN and NAS devices spread across a complex and widely distributed network.

Relying on manual efforts was proving to be error-prone. It was also insufficient for knowing which servers used which portions of Tier 1 / Tier 2 storage (and for seeing where free space existed).

“Not only were our manual processes difficult for our storage administrators,” said the VP of IT Infrastructure, “but upper management did not have the information to make our business decisions.”

The Outcome:

Automated Multi-Vendor Reporting

Like most infrastructure teams, this one needed a way to see all of their storage, compute, and cloud data at once – regardless of how many vendors are represented in their environment. If there was a way to collect all that data on a single pane of glass, it would prevent errors and inspire confident decisions.

That’s what Visual Storage Intelligence does. And because it’s automated, clients recover hours and hours of staff time and use it on better things than spreadsheets and reports.

The Impact:

Better Data, Better Decisions

After adding Visual Storage Intelligence, this major food producer received weekly reports and charts showing the exact status of all their storage. Through the 24/7 client dashboard, they could also easily see which servers used which storage, what data was assigned to different storage tiers, and where potential issues might arise.

With detailed data and customizable reports, hidden free space and storage usage details were always readily available. This led to confident decision-making and improved savings.

Visual Storage Intelligence helped us to make better decisions and save money.

— VP of IT Infrastructure,
Major Food Producer