Finding Hidden Free Space Saved Us Millions | Fortune 500 Airline

“Before Visual Storage Intelligence, our challenge was the amount of time it took to identify inefficiencies. We simply didn’t have the technology in place to perform this analysis.”

– Enterprise IT Director,
Fortune 500 Airline

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The Problem:

Data Silos Prevent Storage Visibility, Hiding Opportunities for Savings

Faced with the need to reduce spend, a forward-looking airline infrastructure team needed to identify ways to get more value out of what they already had. This Fortune 500 Company is known for hiring innovative employees with passion and a desire to excel. Their trailblazing employees are some of the best in their industry.

Without easy access to critical and reliable data, they were looking for assurance that their 100+ arrays were operating optimally and efficiently. They knew that they needed reliable, real-time data in order to make strategic infrastructure decisions.

The Outcome:

Storage Placement Analysis on a Single Pane of Glass

The airline needed something that would serve as a single source of truth, consolidating all of their infrastructure data into one dashboard and reporting immediate details about data placement.

Visual Storage Intelligence combines storage, compute, and cloud data into a single dashboard and reports at enterprise and device levels about how much space is used, unused, provisioned, hidden, and more. Placement details help IT teams right-size workloads, manage tier placements, re-allocate hidden free space, and more.

The Impact:

$1.5 Million Saved in First Few Months

Using Visual Storage Intelligence, IT leaders at this airline discovered unclaimed storage and identified inefficient workload placement.

The hidden free space alone totaled over 730 TB of immediately available orphaned storage. The company had been paying $1.30 per GB, so simply identifying this one area of inefficiency resulted in the airline avoiding spending $1M on storage.

That wasn’t the only cost savings that the airline was able to reclaim. VSI also pinpointed systems where storage user pools were overused, allowing workloads to be re-allocated resulting in avoided storage purchases – saving $500,000.

Using VSI resulted in two key benefits: saving the company money and pinpointing systems that were in need of upgrades. And this was just the beginning.

— Enterprise IT Director,
Fortune 500 Airline

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