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1307, 2022

With Inflation Rising, How Should IT Storage Leaders React?

July 13th, 2022|

It’s another inflation record: year-over-year US consumer prices rose by 9.1% in June of 2022, the highest in over 40 years. And after months of increasing costs - and despite government measures to fight inflation - US consumer expectations for the future are worse than ever.  The last time the US saw serious and sustained inflation, [...]

2906, 2022

Four Overlooked SAN Switch Details Every Storage Architect Should Monitor

June 29th, 2022|

SAN architectures are complex - there’s no way around it. An entire network of devices, connections, zones, switches, hosts, etc. are bound to cause confusion. And the bigger it gets, the crazier it gets.  As the linchpins of SAN architectures, SAN switches direct and control the flows of data throughout the entire enterprise system. As a [...]

2206, 2022

Four Steps to Operational Excellence in IT Storage Environments

June 22nd, 2022|

We’ve all heard about it. “Operational excellence” is one of the most popular frameworks in workplaces today. Chances are, your organization has made it a strategic priority. Operational excellence in IT is “the point at which each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer and can fix that flow before it [...]

2006, 2022

Storage Provisioning 101: What It is & How to Allocate Efficiently

June 20th, 2022|

Visual Storage Intelligence transforms complex provisioning for storage architects and engineers. Click below to learn more about provisioning or how we can help. What is Storage Provisioning?Thick Provisioning vs. Thin ProvisioningHow to Allocate Efficiently & Save MoneyHow Visual Storage Intelligence® Simplifies Complex Provisioning What is Storage Provisioning? Also referred to as storage allocating, storage provisioning is [...]

2605, 2022

Three Solutions to Hyperconverged Infrastructure Capacity Challenges

May 26th, 2022|

By converging compute, memory, and disk resources, hyperconverged infrastructures provide value for businesses, allowing them to compare the performance of their various environments and helping them use their resources more efficiently.  Whether an organization chooses to deploy hyperconverged infrastructure from a vendor such as Nutanix or Dell/EMC, IT leaders can see increased efficiency and lower costs. [...]

1205, 2022

Five Categories of Storage Management Solutions: Which is Right for You?

May 12th, 2022|

Enterprise storage management gets more complicated by the day. Set aside the explosion of data growth that is endemic to modern IT management. Infrastructure professionals have to contend with data scattered across multiple data centers, storage manufacturers, and hybrid on-prem / cloud / edge environments.  Seemingly every new storage fad simultaneously creates new options for enterprise [...]

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