Who we are:    

Single pane of Glass storage reporting and analytics across the enterprise

  • All Tier 1 Vendors

Primary Users:    

IT or Business Management

What we do:  

Automate the data collection of meta data from storage devices, Brocade or Cisco SAN Switches and VMWare.  This analysis includes detailed as well as high level summary for storage usage trends as well as performance. Trends at whatever level is needed:

Our cloud based reporting and analytics web application for all 7 levels of analysis needed by most customers including:

  • Storage Array
  • Storage Pool

How we do it: 

Using standard “collect all support data “ (data used when opening a support incident with a vendor) using

Standard Command Line Data Collection process.

Upload and parse all data into relational data bases and then perform a series of advanced analytics to provide. Reports, charts and trend analysis to eliminate ALL manual processes from the storage management process.No products to install on premise.Automated data collection eliminates all work needed for integrated reporting across the enterprise.


Unique Value:       

7 levels of automated reporting provided

  • Business Category
  • Business Application
  • Enterprise summary
    • By Data center
  • Storage Array
    • Storage Pool
    • Node
  • Host
    • Lun
    • By OS

Cloud Storage Reporting (amazon)

File Analysis – by age and type for tiering decisions

Current as well as historical trend analysis (all levels)

Automated Forecasting and Capacity Planning Functions

IT and Executive Dashboards included

All reports, charts and pdf report are automatically generated – no custom assembly required

Standardized reporting across multiple vendors

Detailed array analysis provided for:

  • Storage array health check report
  • Flash Analysis



Sample Screens:  (because a picture is worth 1000 words)