Visual Capacity Planning Software

Regain control of your data center.

Multi-vendor resource management across storage, networks and servers in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


VSI simplifies your storage management process by organizing independent data elements into a unified, visual analysis across your multi-vendor storage environment. These insights help organizations save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

VSI enterprise summary report
Storage Provisioning Reporting
Storage Provisioning Reporting


With an automated data collection process, VSI offers actionable intelligence through consistent reporting on existing arrays at 7 levels, from the Host/LUN to the Business Unit; providing you with a single pane of glass for your enterprise.

Client insights


VSI provides you with the insight you need to plan ahead, so that you can forecast precise outcomes, improve budgeting accuracy, track your growth trends, negotiate new storage purchases while avoiding any unnecessary, reactive purchases, and much more.

“Visual Storage Intelligence customers interviewed by EMA indicated that the capacity management capabilities of the platform were exceptional and enabled them to substantially reduce storage infrastructure costs by accurately pre-planning growth requirement.”

EMA Radar , Enterprise Management Associates

A badge with a circle on the left. In the circle reads "value leader. On the main badge reads "Visual storage intelligence - EMA Radar for Storage Intelligence: Q4 2017"
A badge with a circle on the left hand side. In the circle reads "EMA". On the badge reads "Visual Storage Intelligence - Best capacity management - EMA Radar for Storage Intelligence: Q3 2017"

7 Levels of Reporting