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Chargeback Showback Webinar

Are you struggling to implement a storage chargeback or showback policy?

You’re not alone. Chargebacks and showbacks are valuable tools for IT departments, but implementing them is easier said than done. There are lots of complications that can arise in storage and infrastructure environments.

These challenges can be avoided or resolved, however, by answering a few key questions.


Storage monitoring can reveal important potential signs of ransomware

Can Storage Reporting Help Your Cybersecurity? (Yes!)

Ransomware isn’t just a problem for your cybersecurity team. There are important clues in your storage infrastructure data that can warn you of potential ransomware – if you know what to look for.

In this webinar, we’ll show you what to look for using real-world examples from Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) clients who used VSI to watch for and detect these critical signs.


Future-Proof Your Storage: Do You Have the Right Data – and Support – for Long-Term Infrastructure Success?

IT teams have more on their plates than ever before, with less time to spend proactively planning for the future. That’s why Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) – in partnership with Clear Technologies – is proud to launch Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS) for organizations like yours.

CPaaS adds the personalized attention and expertise that leads to long-term infrastructure success. And it’s all built on the capacity planning already offered by VSI – based on principles of data collection and modeling that everyone should use.

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion on the essential capacity management principles, CPaaS possibilities, and some expert speculation about the future of storage management.


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Stop Wasting Money: Learn How to Right-Size Your Cloud Environment in Two Clicks

Join VSI’s Van Symons for a live event as he guides you through quick and simple tips that bridge strategy gaps many professionals overlook in their cloud storage plan and help enterprises save time, money and their sanity.

Learn how to: Manage your cloud environment with more precision and visibility, reduce the cost of using your cloud-allocated storage, understand storage allocation to usage, and understand ingress and egress impact on your bottom line.


Webinar invitation image from VSI--title reads "Solving your vmware problems in two clicks"

Solving the VMWare Problems You Don’t Know You Have in 2 Clicks.

Join us this Cinco de Mayo to learn how to make the perfect Margarita and simplify your VMWare analytics with world renowned bartender Jayce McConnel and the Visual Storage Intelligence team.

Register by April 28th to receive your free margarita mixology kit and lets have a virtual party!


Promotional event photo. Headline reads "Are you prepared? Capacity management post-COVID"; an array of 4 items with check marks next to them read "Avoid outages, forecast accurately, eliminate waste, save money"; bottom says "April 8th, 2021 12PM CST"

Capacity Management Post COVID: Are You Prepared?

Do you have the necessary tools and resources for….

Enterprise wide visibility, predictive capacity thresholds, and growth rates?

One of the biggest takeaways was visual modeling to avoid human error and unplanned purchases in order to gain leverage over the storage vendor on future purchases.


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Promotional event photo "Finding Balance: using storage analytics to balance strategy, team workloads, and IT budget" - Date: September 17th, 2020 @ 11AM CDT

Finding Balance: Using Storage Analytics to Balance Strategy, Team Workloads, and IT Budget

Storage Reporting should be simple, cost-effective, and actionable.

We have conducted interviews with many IT directors.

One of the biggest takeaways was how difficult it is maintaining the delicate balance between current and future strategies, the workloads and needs of your team, and overall IT budget .

Join us September 17th as we discuss how within 6 months, VSI pays for itself through better budget utilization, enhanced data-driven strategies, and improved workload efficiency for your storage architecture teams.


Promotional event photo: "3 Ways to save $3 million A Webinar for IT Directors" - Date: September 3rd, 2020 @ 11AM CDT

3 Ways to Save $3 Million

We saved a client $3 million by reclaiming unused storage space and avoiding unnecessary storage purchases.

The difference is in the data. Manufacturers present the data THEY want you to see. Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) uses client feedback to provide the data clients NEED and CARE about to make the best decisions.

Join us September 3rd as we detail the 3 ways VSI saved a client millions of dollars in unnecessary storage purchases.


Promotional event photo. "IT Directors - The buried detail in your tiered storage plan" - Date: Thursday, August 6th @ 11AM CDT

IT Directors | The Buried Detail In Your Tiered Storage Plan

Implementing tiered storage is challenging for organizations.Without your strategic focus, the wrong data could end up in the wrong places, resulting in high cost, even higher latency, and possibly even data loss.

Join us to learn how Visual Storage Intelligence® can help your organization minimize costs by developing and maintaining your storage tiering plan.


Promotional event photo. "IT directors - uncover budget in your unused storage space" - Date: July 30th @ 11AM CDT

IT Directors | Uncover Budget In Your Unused Storage Space

Reclaiming unused storage space allows IT Directors to avoid unnecessary storage purchases and prevent a total budget disaster. Without your strategic focus, unidentified storage free space will result in unbudgeted purchases of emergency storage, stripping available funds, resulting in inadequate funding to support basic IT services.

Join us as we discuss how Visual Storage Intelligence® can help IT Directors avoid budget shortfalls by uncovering the unused space in their storage environment.


Promotional event photo - "IT Directors - balancing capacity & performance in your storage capacity plans" - Date: July 23rd @ 11AM CDT

IT Directors | Balancing Performance & Capacity in Your Future Storage Plans

In conversation with IT Directors, we find that most future storage plans focus on capacity; however, there is also a need to balance performance in your storage capacity plans. Without your strategic focus, performance requirements and capacity underestimation will result in unbudgeted purchases of emergency storage, stripping available funds, resulting in inadequate funding to support basic IT services.

Join Us to learn how Visual Storage Intelligence® can accurately predict your future storage needs based on data growth and future performance needs.

Promotional event photo - "How IT directors can make cents of their unstructured data growth" - Date: June 11th, 2020 @ 11AM CDT

How IT Director’s Can Make Cents of  Unstructured Data Growth

Unstructured data is growing at a rate of 55-65 percent each year, enterprises find it challenging to efficiently (and affordably) store and manage this unprecedented volume of data.

Join us to understand the options and determine the right strategy for handling unstructured data growth that suits your company’s data policies and needs based on:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Scalability
  • Accessibility
  • And more!