Don’t buy more storage than you need. Visual Storage Intelligence helps you maximize your storage and extend the lifespan of your hardware by finding hidden free space, avoiding data duplication, right-sizing your workloads, and extending the life of your storage hardware.

Right-Size Your Workloads

Identify fragmented and ineffective storage as well as usable free space. With Visual Storage Intelligence’s dashboard, you can improve your storage efficiency in minutes thanks to a full range of details at the enterprise, device, host, pool, and LUN levels.

storage capacity management

We found that 10-20% of the storage capacity of some arrays were using about 80-90% of the arrays’ performance.

We used Visual Storage Intelligence to identify and correct this problem.

Typical VSI Client

Find Hidden Free Space

You could be wasting money on storage you don’t need instead of using the storage you already have. Hidden free space (sometimes referred to as “orphaned” or “volume-locked” storage) is storage with nothing mapped to it, ready to be re-purposed for new initiatives.

With Visual Storage Intelligence, hidden free space is easily found on the client dashboard and identified in personalized weekly emails. By looking at device-level details, clients can quickly determine when and why the storage was allocated in order to confirm that it is ready to be re-purposed.

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