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Storage Optimization

Don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Visual Storage Intelligence® lets you maximize your storage, compute, and cloud environments and extend the lifespan of your hardware. Our powerful reporting helps you find hidden free space, avoid data duplication, right-size your workloads, and more.

Let Visual Storage Intelligence® take your infrastructure to new heights.

See VSI’s Storage Optimization Capabilities in Action!

Get More Out of Your Hardware

“I know how to maximize my storage environment. There’s just not enough time!”

Sound familiar? Optimizing storage requires attention to detail that busy IT teams don’t always have. But with Visual Storage Intelligence®, you can see any data you need at any time.

That way, you can spend your time making decisions and taking action. No more drowning in data collection complexity!

File Analysis

Avoid mountains of unidentified data needlessly filling your storage. VSI can process one billion records per hour, so you can filter your files for archival.

Life Cycle Management

Keep your hardware healthy. Track contract #s and device lifespans, including purchase, end-of-maintenance, and end-of-life dates.

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Stay on top of your data backups with a quick reporting structure that identifies your backup schedules, date and time of last backups, failed jobs, and total protected data.


Reduce redundancies and optimize scalability. Easily track the zoning and connections between your hosts, switches, and storage platforms.

“With Visual Storage Intelligence®, we are able to place and manage storage more strategically. This allowed us to reduce our overall costs, improve our storage performance, and significantly lower the amount of time and effort required to do analysis and tracking.”

Right-Size Your Workloads

Identify fragmented and ineffective storage as well as usable free space. With Visual Storage Intelligence’s® dashboard, you can improve your storage efficiency in minutes thanks to a full range of details at the enterprise, device, host, pool, and LUN levels.

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Resolve Inefficiencies

  • See usable vs. unusable free space
  • Analyze platforms at pool / LUN levels
  • Run utilization & performance reports
  • Avoid over-provisioning
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See Insights By Device / Cluster

  • Allocated & free storage
  • Used & usable storage
  • Pools & savings
  • IOPS & latency

Your One-Stop Shop for Storage Optimization

Take a peek at Visual Storage Intelligence® in action.

It’s just a small sample of what VSI can do.

Demo: Device Audits with VSI
Demo: File Analysis with VSI

Find Hidden Free Space

See how one company saved $1 million in just a few days by using Visual Storage Intelligence® to find orphaned storage.

Committed to Sustainability

Visual Storage Intelligence® contributes to a greener future in the workplace – and you can too.

  • Re-purpose unused storage
  • Buy less storage hardware
  • Gain data efficiency
  • Avoid unnecessary data duplication
  • Transition to energy-efficient cloud storage
  • Manage hybrid cloud storage

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