Storage Management “Made Easy”

Our client is one of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies, producing a full line of dairy and soy products. They have a large IT infrastructure spread across 5 main data centers in the United States. Due to their complex, widely distributed network, They needed a solution to quickly analyze and display their SANs and NAS devices.

“Visual Storage Intelligence helped us to make better decisions and save money.”

VP of IT Infrastructure, Major Food Producer and Distributor

The Challenge

The Vice President of IT Infrastructure, stated “One of our challenges with our large and diverse IT Infrastructure was keeping track of our storage environment. Knowing which servers were using which portions of our Tier 1/Tier 2 storage, where our free space existed, and making sure all of our SAN’s and NAS devices were being used properly was a very complex and manual task which was error prone as well as impossible to keep up with. Not only was this a difficult task for our storage administrators but management did not have the information to make our business decisions.”

The Solution

“We chose Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) because it leveraged our existing environment without requiring any additional tools or products to install”, said Director of Architecture. Our patent-pending solution enabled them to“…get weekly reports and charts showing exactly what the status of our DS4000 and NetApp NAS storage arrays are, which servers are using which storage and where potential issues may be. This is the perfect tool for our environment, it has required no implementation time or effort and we get the reports we need whenever we need them.”

Wondering how VSI can help you?

Our clients have seen a 22% reduction in storage costs when managing their environment with Visual Storage Intelligence. Click on the button below to see the use cases and benefits that motivate our clients to continue using VSI.