THREE MINUTES TO INSIGHTS: Fragmentation Part 2 – Identifying Available Storage 


In this demo, you are going to learn how VSI can help you quickly identify available storage space for a new application.

In a previous Storage Fragmentation video, the administrator needed to provision 15TB of storage for a new worker safety application.  Unfortunately, the storage array on which she needed provision storage did not have adequate capacity, so she reported to her manager that additional storage needed to be purchased.  Due to budget constraints, the CIO rejected the purchase request and instructed the storage team to figure out how to fit the new application into the existing environment.

In today’s example, we’ll demonstrate how VSI can help you quickly locate available storage to meet an application’s capacity requirements.  As a reminder, the admin needs to provision 15TB of storage in a single array.

VSI’s Enterprise Summary screen reports a total of 695TB of Free Space across all of the arrays in the environment; however, this number can be misleading because storage for an application is generally provisioned from a single storage array.  To assist in our analysis, The Free Space by Device report will show the amount of Free Space at the individual array level.

The bar chart on the right shows two important pieces of information.  First it shows available Free Space in each array.  Second, it shows the Largest Contiguous Free Space in the array.  This second figure is important because admins typically provision contiguous storage to an application.  To make the chart easier to read for our purposes, we can hide the Free Space information.  Now, we can easily see which arrays have at least 15TB of contiguous free space. Let’s take a closer look at the DS8K05 array.

Returning to the Enterprise Summary screen, we can drill down into DS8K05 by double-clicking on its entry in the Enterprise Summary Data report.  From here, we can inspect the Free Space by Disk Group detail report to understand where Free Space is located in the array.  This array has formatted its storage into two disk groups, and both disk groups have sufficient free space to accommodate our 15TB requirement. We also see that both disk groups are SAS drives which meet the performance requirements of the application.

In less than 3 minutes, VSI has given this customer the information she needs to identify available storage required by the new worker safety application.

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