Client Success Stories 

Gale Ireland – Clear Technologies and Visual Storage Intelligence Rep


Hi, I’m Gale Ireland with Clear Technologies. I’d like to share with you a couple of customer stories where they use Visual Storage Intelligence’s capacity reporting requirements to better manage storage.

At one customer, they have a constant influx of request from development for storage. These requirements aren’t always known to exact standards and so they you tend to use thin provisioning of their storage array to over provision their array so they can say yes their customer. But, they have to carefully monitor the actual storage being used and visual storage intelligence allows them to manage by storage pool what storage is actually being used versus what’s being provisioned, allowing them tonalways say yes to their customer.

My second client has an aging array that is running at very high capacity, but it’s in its final year to book value and they really want to get the most value out of it. So, they use Visual Storage Intelligence to identify those workloads and storage pools that can be moved off to other arrays within their enterprise and still allow them to meet the high production standards provided by their current enterprise storage array.

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