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SRM vs Excel

Jan 14, 2020

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How does your team manage your storage environment? As a director or manager of infrastructure, your team has to deal with the many components that comprise your environment. Storage arrays, servers, networking, etc. You need to be sure that you are providing your team with the tools and support that allows them to properly succeed and do their job. At that same time, you have to be aware of the IT budget as you are stuck in the middle between the executives and your team that are, as many teams are now, trying to do more with less. Doing more with less, is using too many words to basically say one thing – efficiency. You need to provide your team with the tools and support to be more efficient. Let’s explore managing your storage.

More automated than Excel

You know what the best thing is about Excel, it’s very low cost. Which saves the company money. That’s more IT budget for your It projects. Although it does have its faults, the issue is your storage team has to build that spreadsheet. It will not populate itself.  Once they have the spreadsheet built, now they must sign onto every single array monthly and then input that data into the spreadsheet.  Now after they populate this information, they can automate the chart creation to send to you. This process is not only tedious but is also prone to human error. Your team is spending more time finding the problem then they are solving the problem. This inefficient manner of managing storage is how it’s been done forever. But there has to be a better way – there is.

Less complicated than SRM

You know the thing about SRM, they are complicated. They only operate on the brand of storage arrays they were built for. They are complicated to deal with. SRMs have agents that allow you to manage your storage directly in the SRM. Unfortunately to have that capability, SRMs use agents that also bring along with them performance impact for your environment. So if you have multiple types of storage arrays and those brand of storage array have an SRM, that is multiple types of tools that your team is having to learn and manage and then consolidate that data so that you can make decision for your entire environment. SRMs should bring simplicity but they add to the complexity of managing your environment due to the complexity of the SRM, themselves. So how can your team efficiently manage the storage environment?

More automated than Excel, Less complicated than SRM

Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) is the answer to your question. Visual Storage Intelligence is more automated than excel, but less complicated than SRM. Visual Storage Intelligence will allow your team to get to the issues important to you. Your team will spend less time finding the problem and more time solving the problem. VSI will not require your team to learn a new tool, VSI automatically delivers the information in a way that is not only easier to understand, but also makes it easier for you to communicate to execs your storage needs. VSI allows you to drill down as granular as you need to enable better decision making based off data not knee-jerk reactions. Give us 30 minutes to prove how VSI is the tool that will take your team and storage management to the next level.