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Industry Analysis: 8 Key Storage Data Metrics You Need to Watch in 2022

How do you measure operational improvement? Are you paying attention to the right KPIs?

In 2022, IT leaders are confronting supply chain delays, inflation-driven budgetary restraints, exponential data growth, and more. Managing modern enterprise infrastructures requires adaptability – and some new perspectives.

In our free white paper Eight Key Storage Data Metrics You Need to Watch in 2022, you’ll find eight KPIs that will help you evaluate successes and areas for improvement, prioritize operational excellence, identify waste and vulnerabilities, improve capacity planning & performance, and optimize asset values and infrastructure visibility.

Cover of VSI's Storage Capacity Planning Handbook

Storage Capacity Planning Handbook

Three Steps to Minimize Costs, Save Time, and Reduce Organizational Risk

Between potential budget cuts, supply-chain woes, the recent pandemic, and competitive challenges facing businesses worldwide, it’s more important than ever to develop an accurate budget and strategy for your future data storage and infrastructure plans. 

Insufficient (or inaccurate) planning can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in unbudgeted or even unnecessary purchases. And unplanned purchases can waste weeks of implementation time, leaving other projects and priorities delayed or ignored.
Improve your capacity planning with our enterprise guide.

A Comprehensive Guide to IT Chargeback & Showback

Take Control of Runaway IT Spending

A Comprehensive Guide to IT Chargeback / Showback

Global IT spending will top $4.5 trillion in 2022 – including 11.5% growth in enterprise software spending and 8.6% growth in IT services costs since 2021. If your company has not implemented chargeback or showback reporting yet, they probably will soon. This popular practice reveals when and how each department uses critical IT infrastructure, software, storage, and more – valuable information for assigning IT costs and reducing spending.

However, chargeback and showback reporting can be challenging for IT teams. In this white paper, we’ll answer the three most important questions for implementing (or improving) chargeback and showback policies.

Cloud Migration Tool Kit

15 Steps to Data Migration

Check all the boxes on your migration journey by making sure you are ready for each and every step of the process.

Getting the Most Out of the Cloud

You’re moving to the cloud – great! But migration alone won’t result in cost savings. To achieve value optimization, you need to take proactive measures before and after moving your data.

About VSI

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Client Testimonials & Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from the professionals who rely on Visual Storage Intelligence each day.

Fortune 500 financial institutions. World-class health networks. Education, transportation and energy professionals. These are the innovators building the world we live in, and they’re relying on the confidence that Visual Storage Intelligence® provides – confidence that their storage & infrastructure will always be visible on a single pane of glass, ready to perform at the highest levels.

Virtual Assistant Info Sheet

Infographic: Our Five Distinctives

VMware Optimization Info Sheet

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