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Reducing Storage Management Waste: Savings Over NetApp OCI

Feb 16, 2021

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You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘you have to pay to play’ a few times in your life, but how do you know if you’re paying too much? Businesses across the board were forced to slash their 2020 budgets. While moving into 2021 may come with cautious budget growth, avoiding wasteful spending is still a key priority in this time of budgetary caution. IT leaders who want to deliver strategic IT leadership need access to data transparency and reliable insights. In order to avoid paying too much and wasting time and resources, it’s essential to choose the right storage management solution. VSI helps IT leaders stop overspending and start optimizing their resources and driving business-transforming decisions.

Don’t Pay For More Than You Need

When you see a supercar out on the road, it’s hard not to notice it. These exotic machines are designed to be on the cutting edge. But while they may catch your eye with their sleek design, if your main need for a car is to commute to and from work, do you really need a car that can exceed speeds of 200 mph with speakers that literally have a diamond in them? Probably not.

So, why are you spending money on a car that is super-expensive upfront, complicated to maintain, and does a bunch of things you don’t need? What you need is a more customer- and budget-friendly solution. Something that gives you all the tools you need without making you pay for things you don’t need. That’s what VSI delivers. VSI provides IT leaders with cohesive, reliable data delivered in a single pane view. This allows IT leaders to forecast more precise outcomes, uncover opportunities for operational efficiencies, and uncover amazing cost savings.

Waste That Comes With NetApp OCI

Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools, such as NetApp OCI, are inundated with waste, starting with needing a full-time employee just to manage and monitor the tools. In addition, they also:

  • are expensive to purchase
  • take a long time to deploy
  • are overly complex
  • do a lot of things you don’t need

And even with these big, fancy SRM tools, your employees will still have to spend time building reports with the data that they generate. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. It’s time to stop the waste of time and stop the waste of resources.

A Superior Solution

VSI is a more flexible, more agile, and more customer-friendly solution that not only simplifies your storage management into a unified visual analysis but also helps you interpret your data. Stay aware of opportunities and risks with weekly reports analyzed by a seasoned VSI storage consultant. Because what is the point of the data without understanding it?

There is no need to burden your team with learning new systems or protocols. VSI brings IT leaders an agnostic storage management solution that can deliver essential insights needed in minutes rather than days. Never again get to the point where you risk having an outage. With VSI, you’ll even get an alert, an email, if something is wrong or needs your attention right away.

IT leaders can think of VSI as someone watching out for them, finding the data that is meaningful for their business, and helping them to interpret it. And, if there is some functionality you need added to the tool, VSI will work with you to get it added.

Burdened IT teams are facing unprecedented challenges as they strive to refocus and take on both new and delayed projects due to the COVID slowdown. IT leaders are being asked to make rapid cost reductions while continuing to prioritize the operations that keep the business running. Discover how to optimize resources and set yourself up for long-term success.

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Save Money With VSI

Everyone who has used VSI has saved money. That’s 100% of VSI customers who are seeing cost savings. Not only will you save money, but you will also get a better, more complete view of your multi-vendor storage environment.

How easy is it to transition to VSI?

  • There is no agent
  • Nothing is on-prem
  • Multi-vendor support 
  • Nothing has to be set up in your environment

Not only is VSI inexpensive, but you could be up and running in no time. In fact, you will start seeing data in 24 hours. That means you could start gaining insights by tomorrow.

At VSI, we know the challenges facing IT leaders. That’s why we help uncover amazing cost savings by providing superior visibility into data management systems across the enterprise. Working together, we can help IT leaders build efficiency, cost savings, and scalability into the IT infrastructure, providing IT excellence to their organizations. Schedule a demo to talk to a VSI data expert.

Key Takeaways

  • Avoiding wasteful spending is a key priority in this time of budgetary caution.
  • Everyone who has used VSI has saved money.
  • VSI helps IT leaders stop overspending and start optimizing resources and driving business-transforming decisions.
  • Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools, such as NetApp OCI, are inundated with waste.
  • VSI is a more flexible, more agile, and more customer-friendly solution.
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