ADDISON, Texas, March 25, 2014 –  Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI), an innovative cross-vendor storage analytics SaaS, has entered into an integration and distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics, Inc.. This agreement will allow Arrow North American solution provider community to resell Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) power storage analytics through to the branded ArrowSphere online marketplace.

By offering Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) through its award-winning portal, “Arrow is boldly declaring ‘we care’- not only about their resellers, but also their (reseller’s) customers… we’re proud to help them achieve this,” said Phil Godwin, VP of Sales and Marketing.

According to Jim Livingston, Vice President of Services for Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business in North America, “Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) will enable partners to help their current and future customers to analyze, optimize, and maintain even some of the most complex in-service storage systems and efficiently plan future investments.” In fact, Arrow has made it easy for solution providers to resell this best-of-breed solution by providing access to this cloud based storage analytics and monitoring platform through ArrowSphere.

Livingston furthers stated, “What setsVisual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) apart from many other vendors is its graphical storage reports which provide an intuitive way to understand the complete picture of multi-vendor storage systems and allow our solution providers and their customers to make data driven decisions on their storage environments. We arepleased to announce this value-enhancing alliance.”

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About Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI)

Without installing anything, Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) is delivered via our partner reseller channel, either as a Quick Assessment offering or a monthly subscription-based SaaS. Users have taken what they thought was a properly-configured storage array and used Visual Storage Intelligence® services to identify current and future issues – all of which saved them time, money, and effort.

  • Rapidly Ready to Use. Delivered as a Quick Assessment, SaaS offering or frequent report, Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) does not require additional training or data-gathering.
  • Rapidly Provides Insight. Our root-cause analysis summary provides a snapshot of a user’s storage environment, enabling users to realize, reduce, and efficiently reallocate storage to meet end-user needs.
  • Rapidly Reports an Overall Picture. Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) summarizes hundreds of pages of storage array data into a small set of charts and graphs,allowing users to identify most pressing issues.
  • Rapidly EnablesFuture Planning. By quickly and efficiently analyzing a user’s storage environment, Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) helps users to stick to budget constraints and more efficiently use financial resources, allowing more time to proactively planning future storage allocation needs.



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