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“Networking in Place”

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt all over the world. Work from home orders have pushed individuals and organizations alike to evolve and adapt in order to continue to do business. Through our “Networking in Place” virtual event series, we aim to provide an outlet for you to network, learn, and pick up a few new skills from the comfort and safety of your own home.


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May 20, 2020 | 11 AM CT

Driving Business Transformation with IT Insights 

This is an opportunity to hear how industry experts have moved from being a service provider to a trusted advisor in their organization.

Attendees will also get insight into the ways VSI helps to:

  • Control the Process  – Proactively narrow and prioritize end user needs
  • Stop Working So Hard – Meet end user needs with less effort
  • Get on the Same Page – Use data to ensure synergies across stakeholders 

Our panel of industry experts includes:

IT Director Panel on Business Transformation


Please check back soon.


If you missed a past event and want to learn more about a particular topic – contact us

Tommy Hottovy

Winning with Data featuring Tommy Hottovy of the Chicago Cubs

Former MLB pitcher and current Pitching Coach of the Chicago Cubs, Tommy Hottovy, joins Visual Storage Intelligence to talk about the impact data analytics has had on his career and what baseball can teach you about using analytics to your benefit.

For every registration, a donation will be made to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation to support pediatric cancer patients and their families. You will also be entered in a raffle to win a baseball signed by Anthony Rizzo by requesting a demo of Visual Storage Intelligence.

Enterprise Storage Summary

Improving Storage Efficiency Through Automation

It doesn’t matter how you define storage efficiency, it is difficult to achieve without having visibility into your environment. Ultimately, the goal of improving efficiencies is lowering your total operational cost. Traditional SRM tools fall short of allowing you to, which is where the problem lies.

Traditional SRM tools provide visibility but often come with hidden costs and complexities, while only giving you part of the picture. In this webinar, you will learn how you can uncover efficiency opportunities that lead to cost savings in your storage environment.

Feed The Hungry With Your Attendance

Modern Data Protection & Cyber Resiliency for Hybrid Multicloud Environments

In today’s world, data protection involves not only backups, disaster recovery (DR), and business continuity but also, data reuse, and cyber resiliency. Join IBM Storage CMO, Eric Herzog, live April 30th at 11am CT to learn how to ensure your data is protected in today’s hybrid multicloud environments.

For every registration 15 meals will be donated to a family in need through the North Texas Food Bank.



Door Dash Gift Card

5% of Your IT Budget Can Affect 100% of Your Business

24x7x365 Data Availability

We know these are difficult times for many businesses and we believe it is important to help where we can. Local, family-owned restaurants are feeling the impact especially hard. By registering for this virtual event, you will receive a $10 DoorDash gift card that can be used to support a local restaurant in your area.



storage savings mixology

Storage Savings in Place (SSIP) Mixology

Storage Savings While You SIP

By attending this virtual event you will learn how to avoid storage purchases by utilizing what you already have in your storage IT environment. Our virtual mixologist will demonstrate how you can spice up your next drink with items you have at home. These specially crafted cocktails will be named after the common savings opportunities we uncover in our clients storage environments (No LUN Left Behind, The Reclamation, etc.).



Relieving the strain on IT budgets

Comedic Relief:

Relieving the Strain on Your IT Budget

By attending this virtual event you will learn how you can relieve some of the strain on your IT budget through storage savings. To keep things interesting, these insights will be accompanied by a stand up routine by our virtual comedian; all from the comfort of your own home.



Pizza Stay at Home:

Delivering Savings Through Storage

You know what’s better than pizza? Saving money. By attending this virtual event, you will have a pizza of your choice delivered to your home while you learn how to uncover storage savings opportunities and improve efficiency in multi-vendor storage environments.