Client Testimonial 

Will Walsh – Manager, Server and Storage Engineer


I’m Will Walsh. I manage our server and storage infrastructure teams here. We have about six petabytes, a little over six petabytes, across about a hundred storage systems and we have both NetApp and EMC.

Before VSI we had a lot of spreadsheets and we had to do a lot of manual reporting and we spent a lot of time on it. After VSI we have much better reports, they’re all integrated. All the data is presented uniformly across all my storage systems and I’m able to make much better management decisions, leadership decisions on how we maximize the capacity that we have and minimize the additional spend to augment that capacity.

Last year we increased our storage utilization from in the neighborhood of 30 percent to over 50 percent, which actually supersedes most industry standards for storage utilization. We saved a lot of money along the way as well and it’s really benefited the company significantly.

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