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Is your foresight 20/20?

Jun 15, 2020

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Ever heard the saying Hindsight is 20/20? It tends to be quoted after we have had a negative event occur and we have thought of ways that it could have been prevented. Prevention is the name of the game. In the technology space, prevention is the difference between business as usual to an unexpected, negative impact on the company.

Storage management is traditionally reactionary. The problem is that managers and directors of infrastructure have so many responsibilities compounded by the limitation of time. Presently, the growth of data has driven the need for storage and efficient storage management higher than ever before. With that being said, you need a tool to:

1. Give you your time back
2. Simplify you and your teams’ responsibilities
3. Help you prevent those issues in the first place

It sounds impossible, but it isn’t. The impossible is possible with Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI). Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) is able to solve the multitude of problems that come with storage management.

How can VSI give you and your team their time back? With an automated data collection process, VSI offers actionable intelligence through consistent reporting on yours arrays at 7 levels – from the Host/LUN to the Business Unit. By eliminating the tedious tasks that occupy so much of your team’s time, VSI is able to give you time back allowing you to deal with the more critical issues that you have not had the time to get to.

How can VSI simplify you and your teams’ responsibilities? VSI is able to manage your multi-vendor storage environment through one tool. A single pane of glass for your entire storage environment. This eliminates the manual effort previously required to manage your storage through spreadsheets or traditional SRM. VSI provides actionable intelligence that enables better decision making. By compiling the data from your storage environment and delivering it to you in a simple and easy to understand format that is customizable to display the metrics that make sense for you and your company.

How can VSI help prevent storage issues in the first place? VSI analyzes trends in your storage usage and is able to accurately predict when your storage will reach full capacity. The predictive analytics help turn your reactive storage strategy proactive, avoiding unplanned purchases and delivering IT budget savings.

VSI provides the insight you need to plan ahead so that you can forecast precise outcomes, improve budgeting accuracy, track your growth trends, negotiate new storage purchases while avoiding any unnecessary, reactive purchases, and much more. With VSI, clients have seen on average a 22% reduction in storage cost.

So in short, VSI is able to help you efficiently manage your storage, simplify your responsibilities, and turn your storage strategy proactive. With VSI, foresight is 20/20. Contact us today to see a demo or run a quick assessment of your environment – free of charge.