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Infrastructure Monitoring & Health

Monitor for over 100 best-practice alerts covering device health, capacity, performance, maintenance, configuration, and more. Staying on top of your storage health has never been this simple. Read more below.

Smarter Monitoring for Proactive Teams

Prevent slowdowns (or worse), track configuration, and protect your devices – all without the endless alarms that interrupt your daily work flow. Click either box below to learn more.

VSI provides weekly emails with their analysis of our storage systems that gives us actionable feedback.

— VP of Technical Services,
$1B+ Semiconductors Company

Infrastructure Health & Monitoring Case Studies

Daily Health Alerts

Daily Health Alerts Reduced Capacity Ticket Submissions by 98%

Enterprise IT health monitoring can feel like a constant game of whack-a-mole. By using Visual Storage Intelligence®, this company took control of their storage health and reduced user requests for storage space by over 98% in just one year.

Detailed capacity planning

Capacity Alerts Prevented a $1M Purchase

An unexpected alert seemed to contradict this team’s capacity planning forecasts. In the end, the alert showed them something they missed – and helped them save big.

Latest Infrastructure Health Insights

Check out the newest information from our experts about protecting your storage infrastructure and harnessing its full potential.

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