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Infrastructure Monitoring & Health

Never deal with an outage again.

With a single-pane of glass dashboard, regular email alerts from an expert consultant, and custom reports you can export as PDFs or spreadsheets, data from your infrastructure has never been this accessible.

Get started with Visual Storage Intelligence today and strengthen your infrastructure for tomorrow.

See VSI’s Health & Monitoring Capabilities in Action!

Smarter Infrastructure Monitoring,
Delivered When You Want

Prevent outages, track memory, and protect your backups – all without the endless alarms that interrupt your daily work flow. Visual Storage Intelligence’s® consolidated alerting improves on 24/7 alarms with a more proactive and efficient approach.

Access customizable dashboard health reports anytime day or night. Better yet, rely on weekly health reports sent straight to your email inbox highlighting the data, changes, and alerts that matter most to you.

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Identify Recent Changes

Prevent problems before they happen with early awareness of:

  • Devices approaching capacity thresholds
  • Latency trends that may impact memory
  • Single points of failure
  • Missing hot spare coverage
  • Device configuration and firmware errors

Use Cases

Proactive monitoring with VSI helps you:

  • Prevent Outages
  • Mitigate Single Points of Failure
  • Ensure Backup Continuity
  • Maintain Speedy Performance
  • Detect File Anomalies

VSI provides weekly emails with their analysis of our storage systems that gives us actionable feedback.

— VP of Technical Services,
$1B+ Semiconductors Company

Monitor Your Entire Infrastructure with a Single Pane of Glass

Generate an enterprise health report with a single click, displaying every alert on every device in your data environment. Accessible 24/7 in the Visual Storage Intelligence® dashboard, reports are customizable and warn you of potential complications before they become actual problems.

Device health checks visually display red-and-yellow-light alerts relating to configuration / setup, balance, server volume mapping, errors, storage layout, and volumes / snapshots.

Yellow Light Alerts

Yellow light alerts include:

  • Approaching hard quota threshold
  • Orphaned LUN / Vdisk
  • Host with no LUN
  • Host with no storage mapped
  • Configuration errors

Red Light Alerts

Red light alerts include:

  • Failed drive
  • Hard quota threshold exceeded
  • Clusters unable to support workload
  • Insufficient memory to support host configuration
  • Hosts with different speeds in same cluster

Actionable Automation Keeps You In Control

Automation should never leave you feeling powerless.

We believe in automation that gives you all of the information you need while leaving the final decisions in your hands.

Actionable Automation Keeps You In Control

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