VSI is a powerful and multi-dimensional service. Take a closer look at our full functionality and see how VSI can strengthen your organization.

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Overview & Navigation

See how VSI helps you manage your heterogeneous environment from a single pane of glass. 

Filtering & Custom Reports

See how VSI quickly allows you to filter and build custom reports for efficient decision making. 

Storage Capacity Planning

See how VSI helps you capacity plan at the data center, device type, classification, and application levels. 

Drilling Into a Device 

See how VSI helps you find and discover all details about a specific device. 

VMware, Virtual, & HCI

See how VSI gives you one place to analyze and manage your virtual environment.


See how VSI helps you understand your file usage access patterns to manage your storage more efficiently

Business Unit Reporting

See how VSI provides visibility into usage by application for forecasting, capacity planning, and showback/chargeback reporting. 

SAN Switch Analysis

See how VSI gives you insights into your SAN switches.

Host Specific Analysis

See how VSI analyzes performance and configuration details.

VSI Weekly Summary & Data Mining

See how VSI provides automated analysis on a weekly basis for you take action on.  

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