Flash Based Storage 

It was too long ago that Flash Storage arrays were considered the future of storage and in a very short period of time Flash based storage arrays have become main stream.  With the falling cost of SSD’s or Flash storage companies are now able to take advantage of flash.

An all-Flash array is a complete storage disk system that has many Flash memory drives instead of hard disk drives.  Flash Storage memory, which happens to not have any moving parts, is a type of nonvolatile memory that can be erased and reprogrammed in units of memory called blocks.  A flash array can transfer data to and from solid state drives much faster than electromechanical disk drives.

Some companies are lucky enough to have budgets that support moving to all Flash based storage arrays like EMC, XtremIO, IBM Falsh v9000, Pure Storage or Nimble while others need to get more life out of their traditional storage arrays.  By leveraging Visual Storage Intelligence we deliver clients a “Flash Analyzer” that analyzer the performance characteristics of workloads in traditional arrays to determine the best applications to move to flash.

Visual Storage Intelligence Flash Analyzer – Finding your Flash Point

Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) is a storage reporting and analytics cloud offering.  With the VSI Flash Analyzer we help clients find the “Flash Point” in their traditional spinning disk storage arrays.  Without installing anything VSI will pull configuration, utilization and performance data from each array and return the results and analysis within 24 hours.

The Flash Analyzer is looking at the total array to help identify the workloads that are monopolizing the performance characteristics in each array.  The performance metrics that we are looking for are workloads with:

  1. High IOPS
  2. High read %
  3. Low cache high rate
  4. High Latency

We typically find that about 10%-20% of the storage capacity of an array is using about 80%-90% of the performance of the array.  Leveraging the VSI Flash Analyzer will help identify the true workloads that will benefit from Flash.

Heterogeneous storage support includes:

  • Dell
  • EMC
  • Hitachi
  • HP
  • IBM
  • NetApp
  • VMware

How it works:

VSI takes a non-intrusive approach to storage analysis.  We leverage our data collection instructions to collect standard information from the array.  It takes about 3-5 minutes per array to collect the data which is saved to a file and uploaded to a secure portal for each customer.  Ready to review the reports in minutes.