Keeping a Lid on Storage Sprawl 

Founded in 1946, Tupperware Brands Corporation develops, manufactures, and internationally distributes its products by utilizing over a million independent sales people, 1,800 distributors, 61,300 managers, and 1.3 million dealers in about 100 countries.Their products include kitchen and home products, and beauty and personal care products.

“By instantly providing enterprise-wide visibility and intelligence on storage utilization and capacity, Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) has helped us to save money, time, and manpower.”

VP of IT Infrastructure, Tupperware Brands

The Challenge

Tupperware is the global leader in storage solutions because it has, for decades, helped its customers to simplify their home and kitchen storage complexity. In 2010, Tupperware turned to Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) service to simplify their data storage complexity. “One of our IT Infrastructure challenges was keeping track of our storage environment so that we can make smarter decisions about our current and future storage needs,” stated Bill Slaughter, Director, Storage Management. Managing storage across multiple data centers and storage arrays can indeed prove to be challenging. What made Tupperware’s situation more challenging was their time,resource, and financial constraints. “Like everyone else, we need to do more with less time, money and resources,” stated Mr. Slaughter.

The Solution

Tupperware needed a solution which would give them pertinent storage information but would not require anything new to learn or install. They selected Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) because it enabled better storage decision-making. “We chose Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) because it is a low cost solution that requires no education or training and gives us the visibility we need without having to install or learn additional products.”In addition, the solution enabled Mr. Slaughter to “…get reports and charts that depict the status of our storage infrastructure, at any point in time,throughout our enterprise. It also summarized this information into a single executive report as well as tracked historical growth within each environment– which is an added bonus.”

Wondering how VSI can help you?

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