Dean Foods Testimonial 

Tom Ehrman, Vice President of IT infrastructure


Hello I’m Tom Ehrman, Vice President of IT infrastructure here at Dean Foods Corporation.Our storage environment is comprised of multiple storage vendors dependent upon the platform, spread across two primary data centers and 30 remote site data centers. Our key challenge is how do we balance disk utilization and application performance while managing the IT resources of the disk. Using a product like VSI to give us a single view into the subsystems allow us to do exactly that.

Before VSI, our storage managed us instead of us managing our storage. Like many IT shops, we are resource constrained and we have a long list of projects that we have to work on. In order to avoid issues, we would just simply buy more storage and allocate it to avoid any potential challenges that we would face within the environment. Not having a single view into the platform to allow us to see exactly what’s going on in the storage environment simply increased cost as opposed to allowing us to manage the storage.

By utilizing VSI, we are able to keep our provider in check by one, ensuring things such as microcode are applied consistently across the disk environment as well as identifying items such as orphaned disk allocations to ensure that those charges are not included in the disk allocation which ultimately reduces their IT expenses and ensures our provider is living up to the spirit of the contract.

Quite simply, I utilize VSI to make my life simple. I can quickly look at the environment in a single view to see how things are going. Additionally, I do not have to go to my technical team to ask for reports which takes time to generate as well as distracts them from focusing on what they need to focus on.

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