Visual Storage Intelligence® is 100% client driven and continues to evolve based on the needs of our clients.

Here are their stories. 

Storage Management “Made Easy”

One of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies with large IT infrastructure spread across 5 main data centers utilizes Visual Storage Intelligence to  manage their diverse IT Infrastructure and identify potential problems. (Learn how)

Flying Blind

Visual Storage Intelligence® helped discover unclaimed usable storage… at $1.30/GB leveraging our existing storage resulted in a ~$1M cost avoidance. (Learn How)

Customer Saves A Quarter Million Dollars

A large retailer, selling a full line of auto parts has a large IT infrastructure spread across 7 main data centers. By instantly providing enterprise-wide visibility and intelligence on orphaned storage, Visual Storage Intelligence® helped them save a quarter million dollars. (Learn how)

Visual Storage Intelligence® helps a large corporation save money, time, and manpower by providing intelligence on storage utilization and capacity so that they can make smarter decisions about  current and future storage needs. (Learn how)

Testimonial Videos 

Lief Morin, CEO of Key Information Systems, tells how Visual storage Intelligence allows them to quickly assess a client’s environment and provide a data-driven solution to performance, capacity and governance challenges. Read Testimonial

Stephen DeCampos, Director of IT Infrastructure for one of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies, explains how Visual Storage Intelligence adds real business value. Read Testimonial 

Will Walsh, Storage Engineer, tells how Visual Storage Intelligence enables him to make better leadership decisions on how to maximize capacity and minimize additional spend. Read Testimonial 

Gale Irland with Clear Technologies tells how two of his customers use Visual Storage Intelligence’s capacity reporting and planning to better manage their storage environment. Read Testimonial 

Tom Ehrman, Vice President of IT infrastructure explains how he uses Visual Storage Intelligence to simply make his life easier. Read Testimonial