Data continues to grow, doesn’t sleep, or subside.

To help you contain your storage IT costs during this time, I am offering  Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) at no charge to your company.

Visualizing storage free space, capacity, and user utilization trends typically:

  • Reduces storage purchases by up to 20% annually.
  • Facilitates consolidation of storage purchases, lowering costs per terabyte by 5%.
  • Reduces high maintenance cost by 10% by retiring older arrays.
  • Recovers and reclaims 1% of recyclable storage capacity saving clients $300,000+.

Visual Storage Intelligence is a SRM as a Service that helps identify efficiency and cost savings opportunities in a company’s data storage environments.  Bottomline – We help clients get more out of what they currently own, stopping the need to buy additional storage as data continues to grow.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and it is especially hard to watch its impact on the travel, transportation, retail industries. My goal with this offer is to help provide visibility into storage to create efficiencies, reclaim storage, and free up employees time to focus elsewhere.

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