Data Migration

Get It Right the First Time with Cloud Migration Preparation & Management

Are you one of the 85% of organizations expected to be cloud-first by 2025? Whether you’re already there or planning to move soon, cloud migration can prove costly if it’s not done strategically.

We provide organizations the data and monitoring they need to plan successful cloud migrations and make the most of their hybrid or cloud infrastructures. Read more below!

Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence

Keys to Data Management Prep for Cloud Migration

Visualize Potential Savings by Device

Instantly see how much any given device’s workloads are costing (based on cloud costs for comparable workloads).

Quickly see how much your wasted device space is costing, and analyze how much money you could save (or lose) by migrating the device to the cloud.

Find the Right Workloads to Migrate

In order to realize savings from the cloud, it’s important to match the right workloads to the right cloud tiers. We help match performance tiers by tracking and showing you data according to:

  • how often data is accessed
  • how fast it needs to be accessed
  • the date it was last accessed
  • how much you are reading and writing to data files

Enterprise Virtual Summary Screenshot

Right-Size Cloud Capacities & Manage Hybrid Infrastructure on a Single Screen

We make it easy for you to monitor your cloud storage in conjunction with the rest of your storage, whether it’s on-prem, virtual, hyperconverged, etc.

Compare your cloud data with the rest of your environment on a single pane of glass, and use our universal capacity planning reports to avoid oversized contracts and expensive cloud overprovisioning fees.

Get started with capacity planning as a service

Increase Cloud ROI with Capacity Planning as a Service

Take the burden off your team’s shoulders. This add-on service introduces the dedicated attention & availability of a personal analyst to make workload placement recommendations and track devices capacities for maximum cloud ROI.

Download the Cloud Migration Tool Kit

Public Cloud or On-Premises: Storage Reporting Considerations

Public Cloud or On-Prem? Storage Reporting Considerations

Cloud Migration FAQs

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the increasingly common process of relocating storage, applications, and other data infrastructure elements to a cloud storage environment. The data may be migrating from on-prem or virtual environments, as well as other cloud environments.

Benefits can include scalability, better performance, and cost savings. In order to realize these benefits, however, organizations must be strategic about their data migration – avoiding costly mistakes like buying too much cloud storage, exceeding their contracts, etc.

How does Visual Storage Intelligence® help with cloud migration?

Visual Storage Intelligence® provides numerous reports that give you important insights before, during, and after the cloud migration process such as:

Are these cloud migration analyses included in a standard Visual Storage Intelligence® subscription?

Yes! With a standard subscription you have full, 24/7 data collection and reports – including all of our data migration analyses and insights. Plus, you can try us out free for 30 days.