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Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS)

Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS) provides actionable reports and personal consulting, with insights and recommendations to give you full control of your capacity and performance management.

Reduce costs, reclaim time, and add resiliency to your enterprise infrastructure – so you can plan and act with confidence.


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Capacity Planning Solutions

Capacity Planning as a Service can be used as a stand-alone solution or paired with Visual Storage Intelligence’s® storage management suite – including award-winning capacity planning features plus 24/7 multi-vendor reporting, forecasting, monitoring, and analysis.

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Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS)

Visual Storage Intelligence has a lot of credibility in our environment. When they talk we tend to listen.

— Visual Storage Intelligence® Client
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Fortune 500 Case Studies

Detailed capacity planning

Capacity Planning as a Service Prevented a $1M Purchase

Most capacity planning is done at the device level. But sometimes there are warning signs hiding under the surface. This company used CPaaS with Visual Storage Intelligence® to look deeper and avoid a major problem.

Fortune 500 Transportation Company

Visual Storage Intelligence’s® Capacity Planning Reduced Our Reporting Time by 50%

“Including the efforts needed to maintain our prior tool’s infrastructure, we saved an entire FTE – plus significant cost savings between the tools.”

Capacity Planner | Fortune 500 Financial Institution