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Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS)

Capacity Planning as a Service

With unstructured data growing to 80% of all new enterprise data, storage visibility is essential. Siloed or incomplete storage data reporting leaves you open to unbudgeted spending and costly procurement delays. Don’t get caught by surprise.

Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS) provides comprehensive and actionable consulting, with insights into the utilization and performance of storage, compute, and cloud environments.

Take control of your infrastructure. Reduce costs, reclaim time, and add resiliency to your infrastructure – so you can plan and budget with confidence.


Get Started with CPaaS

Embrace the Modern Shift in Capacity Planning

Traditional capacity planning is reactive, leaving you two steps behind. Modern capacity planning with Visual Storage Intelligence® takes a proactive approach so that you’re never caught by surprise.

With CPaaS consulting, Visual Storage Intelligence® delivers a proactive future.

Reduce Spending

  • Anticipate purchases months in advance.
  • Right-size cloud capacities & contracts.
  • Use existing storage more efficiently & budget with confidence.

Operationalize Excellence

  • Make decisions informed by data-driven modeling.
  • Eliminate spreadsheets & manual reporting.
  • Reduce allocation waste.
  • Improve business unit data.

Enable Change

  • Forecast migrations to and from the cloud.
  • Prepare for mergers & acquisitions.
  • Anticipate the impact of workload & provisioning changes.

The Capacity Planning You’ve Dreamed About

With Capacity Planning as a Service, you get the extra personal attention and expertise you’ve been waiting for. That’s in addition to Visual Storage Intelligence’s award-winning capacity planning features.

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VSI has a lot of credibility in our environment. When they talk we tend to listen.

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CPaaS Service Offerings

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Workload & Capacity Models

Choose between weighted average, simple linear, and variable timeframe modeling abilities so that you can best anticipate your future storage and performance outcomes.

“What-If” Forecasting

Modify your historical data and trends in order to predict hypothetical scenarios (such as a change in workloads or an increase in storage). Forecast with data reduction ratio reporting.

Email Reports

Receive regular reports and analysis from your personal capacity planning & performance management consultant. Meet quarterly to review past performance and future goals.

Purchasing Recommendations

Review purchasing options selected specifically for your environment. Prepare for purchases in the cloud, virtually, or on-prem before a need presents itself.

Business Unit Reporting

Review storage usage at business unit levels to monitor and predict each department’s storage consumption, trends, and needs.

Project Insights

Model the size of a data migration to or from the cloud, or gain critical insights in advance of an acquisition or storage refresh.

Cover of VSI's Storage Capacity Planning Handbook

Storage Capacity Planning Handbook

Three Steps to Minimize Costs, Save Time, and Reduce Organizational Risk

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