1103, 2021

Extend the Life of Your Storage Environment Risk-Free

March 11th, 2021|

You're probably familiar with the phrase, 'if it isn't broken don't fix it.’ Otherwise known as leave well enough alone or don’t tamper with something that's functioning adequately. The problem is when well enough isn’t well enough anymore. There is a reason storage hardware refresh cycles are often characterized as a major and daunting task. [...]

803, 2021

[Career Opportunity] Sales Development Representative

March 8th, 2021|

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), you will learn all aspects of selling a SaaS storage solution to key decision makers in small to medium-sized enterprises. SDRs will receive on-the-job training from seasoned members of our sales team. Because of the investment, mentorship, and training provided by our existing sales workforce, we are only looking [...]

503, 2021

[Career Opportunity] Marketing Coordinator

March 5th, 2021|

Job Description We are looking for a Marketing Coordinator for Inside Sales to join our B2B SaaS enterprise technology organization in Addison, Texas, for a full-time in-office (only) position. The Marketing Coordinator for Inside Sales will work closely with and provide administrative and operational marketing support to our inside sales team to accelerate their sales [...]

403, 2021

2021 Enterprise IT Transformation: Storage Insights Improve IT ROI

March 4th, 2021|

Is your business operating reactively or proactively? Unfortunately, most companies fall into a pattern of operating reactively. This is a problem not only because anytime you make reactive decisions, but it also costs you more money, but constantly operating in a reactive atmosphere ultimately hinders your company’s progress. A reactive approach stunts growth, limits innovation, [...]

2302, 2021

Is There an Affordable SRM Alternative? EMC SRM vs. VSI

February 23rd, 2021|

Are you guilty of buying things you don’t need? Most of us are.  It’s so easy to overspend. Many of us are guilty of paying for cable channels we don’t watch, a monthly gym membership we never use, or magazine subscriptions we don’t read. Avoiding waste should always be a priority, but, in this time [...]

1602, 2021

Reducing Storage Management Waste: Savings Over NetApp OCI

February 16th, 2021|

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘you have to pay to play’ a few times in your life, but how do you know if you’re paying too much? Businesses across the board were forced to slash their 2020 budgets. While moving into 2021 may come with cautious budget growth, avoiding wasteful spending is still a key [...]

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