A large airline, with 3,600 flights a day that serve 94 global destinations, has a large cross-platform storage infrastructure spread across three main data centers. Known for their trailblazing, this Fortune 500 Company is known to hire the best, most sophisticated and proactive employees in their industry.

The Challenge

This forward-looking infrastructure team wanted to proactively gain assurance that their 100+ arrays were optimally and efficiently operating. With budget pressures and the need to reduce spend, they needed to get more out of what they had. To achieve this, they needed real, rapid insight on their current environment. The IT Director, said “Our challenge with our storage environment was the amount of time it took to  identify inefficiencies. We simply didn’t have the technology in place to perform this analysis on a weekly basis. Not only that, but we couldn’t track and spot trends to proactively tackle issues, such as which systems are overextended and when upgrades are needed on these systems. This left us flying blind.”

The Solution

“Visual Storage Intelligence® helped us to not only know how much unclaimed storage we had, but also spot inefficiencies, which resulted in two key benefits: saving the company money and pinpointing overextended systems that were in need of attention and upgrades. And, this is just the beginning…” In total, with Visual Storage Intelligence® the company identified over 730 TB of immediately available orphaned storage – and, at $1.30/GB, they avoided spending $1 M on storage. Visual Storage Intelligence® also helped the company pinpoint systems where storage user pools were overused, allowing workloads to be re-allocated which resulted in avoided storage purchases saving $500,000.