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360-degree View of Your Storage Environment

Jan 31, 2020

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One of the most challenging parts of being a director or manager of infrastructure is that many of your responsibilities are dependent on you having a “360 degree view”. You need to be able to see every part of your IT environment. Whether your company is in mergers and acquisitions mode, you’re new to the position and need to get an understanding of your environment, or you are managing multiple data center sites. Your ability to be successful at your job is reliant on one thing – visibility. That’s where VSI is able to offer you that “360 degree visibility”.

Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI) is a SRMaaS that can provide that visibility into your storage environment. Your ENTIRE storage environment – no matter the situation or issue. VSI provides storage analytics to give you not only visibility but the actionable intelligence that will enable you to make better decision based on real data. Can you manage multiple data center sites, and types of storage arrays with one tool? Yes. Can you use VSI to help you gain a better understanding of a recently acquired data center and integrate it with your own? Yes. Can VSI expedite the time it takes for you to gain an understanding of your new storage environment in your new position? Yes. VSI is also able to offer you the visibility or “360 degree view” to take your storage through the entire storage management process. VSI is able to help you in the planning, analyzing, and reporting needed to successfully manage the modern hybrid IT storage environment. No more unplanned or surprise purchase with VSI’s award winning capacity planning. VSI is able to truly turn reactive storage strategies to proactive with trend reporting that can accurately track and alert you when your storage will reach capacity. VSI’s client driven innovation has resulted in features that are designed to help the modern infrastructure manager have the visibility to make prescriptive storage decisions.

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