Why VSI?

Storage Analytics on Demand


“I used to spend hundreds of hours every year manually putting together SAN storage information for each SAN/NFS device within my enterprise in order to ensure everything was properly configured as well as provide future planning information analysis. I now get this information in a single consolidated, easy to read format that allows me to spend my time making strategic storage decisions not collecting data“

– Storage Admin




  • Non-intrusive SAN analysis and reporting
  • Automated Storage Data Collection and Reporting
  • On-Demand SAN Configuration Analysis and Reporting
  • Identification of potential Errors or “Best Practices” Rules Violations
  • Document current SAN configuration settings and suggested changes
  • Verify LUN – Server Mapping
  • Document replication settings and current settings
  • Summarize storage group and/or RAID Group configuration and mapping
  • Provide graphical SAN data representation (layout, usage, and resource mapping)
  • Report storage utilization and free space as allocation within your SAN environment
  • Summarize by storage array or data center


  • Reduce and eliminate manual effort required to gather, analyze and integrate host, storage and physical settings within your SAN environment
  • Provide system and individual host/storage group management and reporting
  • Improve data availability across the enterprise
  • Avoid potential issues caused by incorrect SAN configuration or organization
  • Save time, money, and improve efficiency