Need to create reports for your Hitachi/HDS storage array(s) (SAN/NAS)? Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) supports a variety of Hiticahi/HDS storage products. Without installing anything, users can create reports on their Hitachi/HDS storage in minutes.  Visual Storage Intelligence’s® (VSI) storage usage assessment cloud application provides a true in-depth storage analysis of current storage management practices on Hitachi/HDS storage. You can use Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) to identify and resolve storage performance, storage free space, and storage array capacity issues.

Reports can be created in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Run Commands – Run commands and/or a script provided by VSI on your storage hardware or software.
Step 2: UUpload Configuration File(s) Storage Reporting Tools.
Step 3: View Reports

Visual Storage Intelligence’s® (VSI) QA helps identify:

Orphaned LUNs
Unassigned drives
Fragmented free space
Duplicate LUN names
Orphaned snapshots
Wrong storage type assigned to physical or virtual host
Performance bottlenecks
Error reporting to avoid future outages
Unbalanced conditions within storage arrays

Need to create storage reports for a device that’s not on our product list? Chances are we can figure it out. Simply fill out your information in the Contact Us form.  Fill in the details on your particular Hitachi/HDS storage product and one of our storage specialist will reach out and help you come up with a solution for your unique product.



Supported Products