Storage Capacity Planning and Forecasting

On Tuesday June 26th, 2018 we held a Storage Capacity Planning and Forecasting lunch and learn led by Chief Technology Officer of Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI), Van Symons, as a part of our 8 week luncheon series featuring VSI. In the video below, Van gives an introduction into enterprise storage capacity planning and forecasting and how Visual Storage Intelligence helps organizations cut costs by predicting future storage requirements, so you can prepare and negotiate storage purchases in advance.




In capacity planning, specifically for a storage environment, the challenge is knowing when you need what kind of storage, and being able to predict that in advance so you’re not reacting in the last-minute for surprise events.Often times storage environments are large and complex and so collecting this data across a disparate set of arrays makes the planning difficult, so much so that often times the clients does not have the time to do this on a regular basis.


At  Visual Storage Intelligence we collect all of this data automatically and then return the data to the customer for business decision making. We put it right at your finger tips and then we add some analytics to it to actually predict when upgrades are going to be required at the array level, at t he storage pool level, and across your enterprise.


What this does for the customer is it reduces cost over time because you’re predicting when your requirements are going to occur, so you can plan in advance and reduce the cost by being able to negotiate well in advance of and not be surprised by  any unusual storage events.

Visit the Solutions Overview page to learn more about the capabilities of Visual Storage Intelligence in addition to capacity planning and forecasting.
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