Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) simplifies and enables the storage management process by providing a unified visual analysis across multi-vendor storage environments. With an automated data collection process, VSI offers actionable intelligence through consistent reporting on existing arrays from the Host/LUN to the Business Unit levels. The deep insight provided by Visual Storage Intelligence® helps organizations save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Hitachi Analytics and Reporting

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Supported Hitachi Products

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  • Hitachi AMS
  • Hitachi USP
  • Hitachi VSP
  • Hitachi HUS



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Key Benefits VSI Brings to the Datacenter

VSI is ready to use.
Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Visual Storage Intelligence® is quick to deploy with out-of-the-box analytics without the need for customization.

VSI quickly provides insight.
The Visual Storage Intelligence® analysis summary provides a snapshot of your storage environment, allowing you to recognize, reduce, and efficiently reallocate storage to meet end-user needs.

VSI reports an overall picture.
Visual Storage Intelligence® organizes independent data elements into actionable information to facilitate rapid decision making.

VSI helps plan for the future.
Visual Storage Intelligence® provides forecasting and capacity planning to take the guess-work out of managing storage growth.