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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) work?

In three easy steps – run commands, upload configuration and view reports, VSI provides organizations the ability to monitor and manage their data storage environments with no downtime or training. Please visit our “How it Works” page to learn more.

Is there a security risk by sending my data?
No, the data that VSI collects is configuration data which does not include sensitive or proprietary information.

How long does it take to run commands on my storage arrays?
The VSI application takes 1-2 minutes per array to run commands. Saving text files take another 1-2 minutes (might be slightly longer for larger arrays). Once you upload your text files to VSI online, the reports are created in minutes!

Is there any performance impact?
No, since VSI is only collecting data from your configuration files, your data applications will not experience any performance impact.

Do you capture performance data?
We’re not doing real time monitoring, but we do capture point in time performance data.

How are you collecting the data?
All data is collected through commands and scripts generally available on all platforms to run on your storage arrays. There is no software, agents, or appliances installed.

I already have the storage reporting software from my storage manufacturer. What else can VSI do for me?

Typically manufacturers do well reporting on their own devices, but don’t report well on other manufacturer’s products. Additionally, we’ve found IT teams with complex, expensive software still find it difficult to get exact reports they need. Consequently, they resort to manually piecing together storage data. With VSI, users have been able to get exactly what they want immediately.

How much storage are customer’s able to reclaim after running VSI.
Although we don’t make any guarantees, we’ve seen that 80% of the time our clients reclaim anywhere from 5-20% of their storage space. In large environments, this could mean a significant amount of time and money saved.

What SAN Hardware/Software does VSI support?
Please vist our Supported Storage Products page.

I’m responsible for my company’s storage area network environment. Will data shown by VSI expose me to my upper level management?
No, VSI helps you better understand your storage environment so you can be more confident when presenting proposals, suggestions and/or recommendations to your management. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to determine where there could be room for improvement. Everyone understands storage needs have become so demanding it becomes almost impossible to keep up with the growth. VSI helps you visualize your storage to have a better control of the growth.

What are some of the top issues uncovered by VSI?
Issues and errors vary case by case, but here are some of the most common ones VSI identifies:

  • Orphaned LUNs
  • Unassigned drives
  • Fragmented free space
  • Duplicate LUN names
  • Orphaned snapshots
  • Wrong storage type assigned to host
  • Performance bottlenecks

What internet browsers do you support?

  • IE9 or greater
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

*We don’t support IE8 or earlier*