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Our Database Storage Management Story

About Visual Storage Intelligence

We developed Visual Storage Intelligence® to leash the technological complexity of database management and database storage. As technology has become more complex, tools to manage this data storage complexity have not kept pace. In fact, tools developed to manage the complexity end up adding more layers of complexity.

Managing storage (or storage management) is no exception – in most cases storage performance, storage free space, and storage array capacity information for the most-used storage arrays such as Aggr, CLARiiON, Dell, EMC, Dell EqualLogic, Hitachi, HP, or IBM contain all the information needed to manage itself. The problem however, is storage performance, storage free space, storage array capacity information is not in a business-usable decision-making  format.

With little-to-no effort, our user-friendly storage usage assessment tool extracts data from most of the popular storage arrays. No matter the brand – whether EMC VNX, Dell EqualLogic, or IBM XIV — Visual Storage Intelligence’s ® storage usage assessment tool and cloud application helps users visualize data for quick business decision making. The best part is that Visual Storage Intelligence® requires no new learning, no installation of software, and provides storage reports and storage analysis via the web.